Application Services


As the business landscape is changing rapidly, so is the technology that drives enterprises. Applications must quickly evolve to keep pace with changing business needs as well as shifts in technology. In addition, as business grows, the demands on existing applications will increase.

We can streamline your applications services for maximum efficiency and control by the following suite of services

Application Development


It takes a consulting firm with strong technology competencies coupled with deep understanding of how businesses operate and strategize to advice on defining, optimizing and implementing IT solutions that meet their objectives. WinAxis Technologies will consider every aspect of the problem from the underlying business processes to possible change management issues, apart from various technology options before fashioning solutions that are unique.

Service Offerings

Evaluation & Assessment – Application assessment services focus on evaluating the current application environment with regard to risks, issues, constraints, adherence to business requirements and best practices for coding and ease of maintenance.

Full Life Cycle Services – A full variety of services that address part or all of the application development life cycle including project management, requirements development, business analysis, design, development, testing and deployment.

Multi-Platform Support – Ability to develop systems on a variety of platforms and technologies ...... from wireless and web development, to mainframe legacy languages and technologies

Quality Assurance Testing – Full spectrum of flexible and comprehensive services based on vast testing expertise, industry skills, and time-tested methodologies. Our services include life cycle testing, test consulting, test automation, specialized performance testing, and infrastructure testing. Our consultants expertise in various test tools will help reduce test cycle times and maximize quality

Post Implementation Support – Comprehensive services geared towards reviewing recent system deliverables, maintaining robust ‘industrial strength' systems that run at optimum levels. And formalizing a change environment to quickly and efficiently introduce break fixes and enhancements into your production systems.

Application Migration and Re-Engineering

Application Maintenance and Enhancement


Outsourcing services are backed by its strong experience, mature processes and robust delivery systems. More important, is our commitment to go beyond service level agreements (SLAs) and deliver consistent and lasting value. We do this by building long-term partnerships with our customers.

Service Offerings

Joint Application Management


Joint Application Management is a unique approach to Application Management Outsourcing. Through Joint Application Management, WinAxis Technologies helps its global partners achieve immediate cost savings and business benefits, but also build new organizational capabilities in the long term.

Many companies planning to send applications offshore believe that to derive maximum value they must hand over control of applications to the offshore partner. This may be true in many offshore engagements, but Joint Application Management, strikes an optimal balance between value and control.

Joint Application Management enables customer organizations to build offshore leadership so that they retain control, while maximizing value through the use of WinAxis Technologies resources and expertise.

Service Offerings

Legacy Migration and Support


To stay competitive, today's leading organizations stay flexible and continually reinvent themselves to meet an ongoing onslaught of industry, competitive, and legislative pressures. New strategic goals are set, and your best resources are allocated to the new goals. So how do you keep your legacy 'cash cow' businesses up-and-running while pursuing these new challenges?

Enter WinAxis. With our expertise in a variety of platforms and technologies, we can keep your legacy systems up-and-running, strong and vibrant. Your in-house experts are freed up to tackle new frontiers and business opportunities.

Service Offerings

1. Legacy Application Support – Regardless of the technology, our consultants can handle the inevitable break fixes, and address needed enhancement requests in a time-testing Change Management environment that will ensure quality while introducing changes to your production systems

2. Provide upgrade and Migration strategy

Mainframe Services


Mainframes are designed to handle very high volume input and output (I/O) and emphasize throughput computing. Mainframe (ROI), like any other computing platform, is dependent on its ability to scale, support mixed workloads, reduce labor costs, deliver uninterrupted service for critical business applications, and several other risk-adjusted cost factors. With our expertise in a variety of platforms and technologies; we can keep your legacy systems up-and-running, we have well defined process to maintain and develop projects on the IBM Mainframe. WinAxis offers innovative solutions to requirements in various industry verticals.

Service Offerings

1. Mainframe Application support - Our teams can Analyze the designs, develop and execute custom application features and functions as required to complex modules.

2. System Manipulation and Console Monitoring - Our teams can provide support to Console monitoring & message reply and monitor the system resources to make sure that space is allocated properly, run backup jobs as per client schedules

3. Job Scheduling - WinAxis team can provide support to submit all the cycle/application jobs, monitor them and resolve If they abend, perform situation management for certain process