What advantages does blockchain technology offer for your organization?


According to Deloitte, a key shift is happening. Where businesses were once exploring blockchain’s potential to streamline business processes, even to disrupt them, today they are beginning to create actual applications for its use.

Deloitte study cited earlier, 74% of traditional businesses can envision practical use cases, but significantly fewer are implementing them. Still, more than 40% believe their organizations will adopt blockchain in the future.

Key Offerings

WinAxis partnered with Bangalore based IT firm to built an IAM solution on the building blocks of Blockchain for a robust and secure Identity and Access Management, to control the access of staff members and customers.

We are working on a roadmap to build solutions for government sector in the areas of supply chain, healthcare, aviation security and visitor/employee management.

Our goal is to support your journey to redefine your business while capturing industry-wide opportunities with the use of the blockchain technology. From identifying the best use cases, through developing POC’s, to building market ready solutions, we will make sure to help you accelerate your use of blockchain.