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To streamline CRM process many enterprises are moving to Salesforce from on premise applications which often find clunky and painful to upgrade.

Salesforce - the world’s number one cloud company is choice of many customers for the following reasons

Winaxis and Salesforce can help aligned your enterprise overall CRM strategy which includes business needs and technical requirements.


WinAxis has experience and strength in large scale digital transformation projects. With our deep capabilities and vision in all Salesforce service areas including consulting, ongoing support services we can deliver cloud roadmaps to help client understand their Salesforce journey.

Cloud Advisory & Strategy

Implementation & Integration

Maintenance and Operations

Design & Configuration

Migration to Cloud

Lightning Migration

Salesforce Offerings

With deep knowledge in deploying several large applications

Administrative Services

Project Management Services

Sales Process Automation

Salesforce Integration Services

Salesforce Testing Services

Service Process Automation


With deep capabilities on Salesforce customer Success Platform across products, solutions and services, WinAxis can rapidly progress your strategic goals of delivering a more flexible and agile operations.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud, software which helps manage customer service enquiries by providing telephony integration, online live chat and self-service capabilities

Sales Cloud

Customers can use Campaigns, Leads, Opportunities and Forecasts for sales automation and tracking.

Marketing Cloud

Enabling your marketing professionals to build powerful customer journeys and campaigns based on all media and channels, emails, phone etc.


With the Salesforce platform your IT team can build custom applications for any business process. Typical uses include applications for HR, IT, operations, marketing and finance

Einstein Analytics

Unify datasets from multiple sources into a single graphic / pictorial view to get faster answers, hidden realities and better insights to take immediate actions.


Transform complex processes into apps, quickly scale development, personalize and build apps.